Practice Management Resources
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Practice Management Table of Contents

Billing & Coding
Human Resources
Occupational Medicine
Patient Satisfaction 

Billing & Coding


Template Contract Summary

Center Costs Worksheet

Patient Payment Notification Form - This form is used at the front desk to communicate a center's billing practices in regards to co-pays and deductibles.  The form clarifies to patients the amounts dues at the time of service, as well as balances that may be billed or refunded.

Front Office Staff Scripting: Billing Practices - This document provides scripting for front office personnel on common patient questions regarding collections at time of service—and provides center administrators with role playing exercises in training staff on how to deal with patient concerns at the front desk.

Coding Documentation Standards

X-Ray Billing & Reimbursement

Cash Payments & Discounts

Urgent Care Financial Policies for Patients

Facility Fees

Medicare Reimbursement for Physician Assistants 




Sample - Monthly Hourly Breakdown

Sample - Cost Benefit Analysis

Urgent Care Center Clinic Staffing per FTE Provider

Best Practice Budget Spreadsheet

Ten Financial Controls to Protect Your Urgent Care Practice

Urgent Care: How to Thrive in Tough Times



Against Medical Advice

Front Office Triage


Immigration Physicals - Quality Assurance Checklist

Immigration Physicals - Sample Fee Schedule


Medical Transfer Request

Progress Form

Patient Referral

Patient Satisfaction Survey 

Refusal of Care

Referral to Imaging 

Referral to Physical/Occupational Therapy


Discharge Instructions now available as a convenient downloadable Word document!


Human Resources


Five Activities for Cultivating a Motivated Center Team

Sample Urgent Care Dress Code Recommendations 

Paid Time Off  policy example

Sample Organizational Chart

Medical Certification Guidelines for the Commercial Driver 



Article - Know Thyself by Knowing Thy Competition 

Advertising Content Heirarchy

Urgent care operators frequently ask what types of information they should include in their advertising messaging. Too much information in too limited space can undermine the effectiveness of an ad by making it appeared cluttered. This chart illustrates that high exposure ads contain less information but refer patients to other resources—primarily the center's website—containing more detailed information.

Seasonal Marketing Themes

Effective marketing is "thematic"--advertising resonates with consumers when it meets a need or illustrates a use occasion. Consumer needs for urgent medical care are highly seasonal. The attached provides a high-level overview of the promotions, messages, and tactics that an urgent care center might utilize throughout the year.

Urgent Care Keywords - SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) entails structuring a website so that it contains terms patients typically search for and assuring they are included in the text of the website.  An urgent care operator can use this list of common consumer search terms to improve the visibility of his/her website and drive capture greater online traffic for the center.

Marketing Activities

This document provides specific marketing tactics and implementation such as marketing within the Chamber of Commerce, Apartment developments, Community Events, Churches, etc.

Marketing Materials within Your Clinic

Where and what types of marketing materials should you provide to patients within your center?  This document will provide you with a guide to effective marketing to those already in your front door.



Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine - Keyword Searches (SEO)

Sample Return to Work Authorization Form

Workers Compensation State Websites - Listing of state Workers Compensation commission websites that provide information for providers about workers compensation coverage, fee schedules, provider eligibility, and reimbursement processes--as well as statutes, forms, publications and contact information.

Occ Med Links

Occupational Medicine Skills Assessment


Patient Satisfaction 

Walgreens Investigation: A Reminder For Patient Privacy Diligence

Urgent Care Providers Should Think Twice When Setting Copy Fees -

Healthcare from the Patient's Perspective

Five Activities for Improving Patient Satisfaction

Ten Activities to Safeguard Patient Privacy

Posted vs. Actual Operating Hours

The Exceptional Patient Experience Pledge

Lean Thinking in Urgent Care: Patients’ Perspective of Value

Patient Satisfaction Survey 


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