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Foundation Giving Opportunities


Thought Leaders’ Summit

The Urgent Care Foundation is sponsoring a Thought Leaders’ Summit surrounding UCAOA’s 2016 Convention to be held in Orlando, Florida from April 17-20. The Summit will gather approximately 15 industry visionaries to address various topics, which will include ensuring that urgent care centers continue to provide value to our communities 5 to 10 years into the future. Attendees will include industry experts representing UCAOA membership who will share ideas that will provide direction to the UCAOA Board of Directors and executive leadership for future strategic planning. The goal is to address ongoing relevance of the urgent care industry versus the Association, although the Association may benefit secondarily as its strategic objectives would focus on ongoing industry relevance. The Summit would also include at least one thought leader from outside the urgent care industry who would bring new ideas and a fresh perspective. Additionally there have been requests from potential attendees to include an individual from the payer community for at least a portion of the event.

An anticipated outcome would be an industry whitepaper with recognition of all sponsors.

Thought Leaders’ Summit sponsorship opportunities include (sponsors would have an opportunity to participate during a portion of the Summit and be recognized by key industry thought leaders):

  • Event Sponsor: Providing financial support for the summit itself (room, lunch, breaks, audio-visual)
  • Attendee Sponsor: Providing funding toward $500 stipends for each Thought Leader attendee to cover the additional time to attend the Summit (likely to either precede or follow the Convention)
  • Speaker/ Facilitator Sponsor: This sponsorship supports the costs associated with bringing an external healthcare or ‘change’ thought leader to the meeting.  The individual may come from academia, the payer community, healthcare or an associated industry that has successfully undergone significant change with new competition in a short period of time.

UCF Scientific Symposium

The Scientific Symposium will bring together industry leaders to address a clinical, research or community health issue with the intended expectation of ultimately providing education or information to the industry so urgent care might better serve our communities.  Unmet or underserved needs will be of particular interest in this group. The initial symposium will address concussion care in the urgent care setting. There are a limited number of urgent care organizations who are collaborating with sports organizations and other entities to successfully care for individuals who experience a concussion while many other urgent care operators simply transfer any head injury to the emergency department because they either do not understand how to best care for them or do not wish to assume the perceived risk. Oftentimes individuals who have sustained a head injury have difficulty finding prompt care following a head trauma due to the limited number of medical providers adequately trained to provide evidence-based care. This event may be associated with the UCAOA Fall Conference or be provided separately on the location of one of the urgent care organizations currently running a successful program. 

Scientific Symposium Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

  • Attendee Sponsor: Covering a stipend of up to $1,500 per attendee for travel expenses (flight, hotel); 8 to 10 Attendees would be expected to participate.
  • Event Sponsor: Covering event expenses (room, lunch, meals, audio-visual, educational materials, printing) as needed 

Awards Gala
Bright Stars of Urgent Care: Past, Present and Future, Foundation Celebration

UCAOA has historically awarded its recognition awards at the annual convention business meeting in the spring. As a fundraiser, the UC Foundation will sponsor an annual gala to take place each year at the UCAOA Spring Convention. The affair will be a first-class event where members gather to recognize past, present and future industry innovators, leaders and achievers. There will be opportunities to purchase select auction items, recognize colleagues and network with others involved in the industry of urgent care.  A thought-leader presentation is likely to accompany the event in addition to hearing from awardees.

Annual Awards Gala Sponsorship Opportunities Include:
  • A long-term (10 year) commitment to secure a named award such as that associated with the  “YOUR NAME HERE” Lifetime Member Award
  • Event Sponsorship levels (Presenting, Platinum, Gold, Silver) which shall each include at least one table at the event as well as recognition on all advance and time of event materials 
  • Table Purchaser


Scholarships provided by the Foundation include attendance at a conference, convention, regional meeting or online training to become certified in urgent care management (UCMC). Scholarships would be presented based on specific criteria (emerging leaders, new to the industry, advanced training, clinical training) and issued through the Foundation but named in honor of the sponsor.  Recognition would be provided through the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine (JUCM), at the annual business meeting and through other promotional resources.

Scholarship Award Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

  • Named scholarship: The Foundation has full authority to select the recipient with recognition going to the sponsor through multiple outlets.


Scholarship Award in Urgent Care Management

Award: The [SPONSOR] UCMC Scholarship Award

Background: UCAOA has an online training program in Urgent Care Management that, once completed, results in certification (UCMC). Current pricing for applicants is $1600 which includes all the courses needed to complete the program as well as the application processing fee. 40 hours of credit are required as well as successful completion of a post-test. Coursework categories include Clinical Quality, Operations, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Legal & Regulatory and Communications & Marketing. This scholarship is for on-line training only. If the recipient elects to attend national or regional conferences for a portion of their coursework, it will be at their own expense. This scholarship will support the training of our future administrative leaders in the industry.

Eligibility/ Qualifications: Recipients of the scholarship need to be a UCAOA Member, employed full or part-time in the urgent care setting, and endorsed by their supervisor (as appropriate).

Selection: Members of the Practice Management Committee shall interview applicants and make recommendations for the award.

Contribution: $1280 per scholar (a 20% discount off the advertised price) Available

Scholarship Opportunities: Based on applicants but essentially unlimited

Sponsor Recognition: UCAOA website, JUCM announcement, UC Access announcement


Emerging Leader Scholarship

Award: The [SPONSOR] Emerging Leader Educational Scholarship

Background: UCAOA’s national conferences are the best-attended events in the industry. There are opportunities to network with colleagues, attend clinical and administrative lectures, and learn about cutting-edge technology and services by mingling with the vendors. Unfortunately travel and admission costs can be a barrier for attendance, particularly when many practices must also backfill for the absence of the attendee. This scholarship would cover the cost of a member level tuition and a sizeable portion of the travel and lodging costs associated with attendance.

Eligibility/ Qualifications: Recipients shall be members of the Association, either through individual participation or as an employee or provider in a member center. Recipients shall have at least one year of experience in the urgent care setting and express a desire to remain in the industry as a career choice. Nominees can be physicians, PA’s, NPs, administrators or any other individual who plays a role in the urgent care center (e.g., many hospitals have senior leadership who support multi-specialty physician practices, including urgent care). They are to be nominated by a colleague or supervisor via an application as to why they are perceived as an emerging leader. A member may also ‘self-nominate’ with letters of endorsement from a supervisor and no less than one colleague. Qualifications may include didactic history, involvement in UCAOA at the Committee level, industry leadership at the community level, or other attributes which would demonstrate a desire and commitment to the urgent care sector. Selection: Members of a Foundation Sub-Committee would select the recipients via review of applications.

Contribution: $2000 covers all tuition with the remainder supporting the recipient in travel, lodging and meals up to 3 nights (recipients will submit receipts to validate costs)

Available Scholarships: Unlimited

Sponsor Recognition: UCAOA Website, JUCM announcement, UC Access announcement, Convention Signage


Emerging Scholar Award

Award: The [SPONSOR] Emerging Scholar Award

Background: UCAOA has a student membership for individuals enrolled in any education setting. (This setting may include residency programs, MBA, nursing, Physician Assistant, etc.). These individuals are offered a discounted membership rate to access the benefits of UCAOA but most are unable to attend conferences and conventions due to the costs of tuition and travel. Student discounts are awarded with proof that the individual is enrolled as a full-time student or resident. UCAOA and the students benefit by having these individuals attend either the conference or convention as they are more likely to pursue careers in urgent care with greater confidence when exposed to colleagues in the industry and the myriad of industry specific experiences.

Eligibility/ Qualifications: Award recipients will have submitted a poster presentation that will have been accepted for presentation at the Conference/ Convention. The poster presentation must be related to research or studies in the urgent care industry. An example might be a comparison on emergency room utilization in market where urgent care centers have a presence versus those where they are not accessible.

Selection: Recipients are selected by the Education Committee based on the quality and relevance of the poster presentation.

Contribution: $1700 which includes member tuition + up to the full contribution amount in travel, lodging and meals (3 nights)

Available Scholarships:  Up to 3 (dependent on the number of interested scholars)

Sponsor Recognition: UCAOA website, announcements seeking poster presentations, Signage in the Poster presentation area at the convention;  UCAccess announcement; JUCM announcement



The UCAOA Benchmarking Survey is one of the most quoted reports when it comes to the industry.  It is frequently quoted in media releases, in Health & Public Policy/ Advocacy statements and activities, in payer communications and by members seeking to enhance their business operations, service and innovation to better serve their communities. It allows year over year trending in the areas such as Center Profiles, Patient Volume, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Clinical Services and Integration. It is available to be purchased through UCAOA and reaches audiences far beyond UCAOA’s membership. Sponsorship would apply toward the actual costs associated with staff support, committee calls, data entry and the software and support provided by Dynamic Benchmarking. 
Benchmarking Survey Sponsorship Opportunities include: 
The UCAOA Benchmark Study Presenting Sponsor (Only 1 issued)
  • Exclusive Headline/ Front & Back Page Placement on the Benchmarking Survey (print and when accessing online) as well all promotional materials and advertising, including UCAOA’s website, any JUCM placement ads and social media
  • Recognition for contributions to data/ program credibility (if applicable)
  • Recognition at UCAOA’s Booth and in the President’s address at the Spring Convention as the Presenting Sponsor of the UCAOA Benchmarking Report
  • The opportunity to add up to 5 questions to the Benchmarking study which might benefit the Platinum Sponsor’s business and strategic initiatives (subject to Committee approval for survey integrity)
  • Notification to all members that __ % of the Benchmarking Survey was underwritten by the Sponsor in order to offer it to UCAOA Members at a discounted price.

Premier Sponsor (up to 3)

  • Recognition as a Gold Sponsor on the front page and recognition on UCAOA’s Benchmarking promotional materials and website
  • Recognition of contributions to data/ program credibility (if applicable)
  • The opportunity to add up to 3 questions on the Benchmarking Survey that might benefit the Gold Sponsor’s business and strategic initiatives (subject to Committee approval for survey integrity) 

Supporting Sponsor (up to 5)

  • Recognition as a Silver Sponsor on the front page of the Benchmarking Survey and on UCAOA’s Benchmarking promotional materials and website
  • Recognition for contributions to data/ program credibility (if applicable)
  • The opportunity add a question on the Survey that might benefit the Silver Sponsor’s business and strategic initiatives  (subject to Committee approval for survey integrity)

The Urgent Care Fellowship Award

Award: The [SPONSOR] Urgent Care Fellow Award @ University Hospitals & Health System Background: Practicing in an urgent care center requires specific training and competencies. Only through specially-designed training programs can physicians be fully prepared to undertake not only the clinical nuances of the urgent care setting, but also many of the unique administrative challenges as well. UCAOA has established advanced Fellowship Programs with respected institutions including University Hospitals (Cleveland, OH), University of Illinois College of Medicine (Rockford, IL), and Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (Pomona Valley, CA). This generous contribution covers one year of a one year program that contains specialty rotation training in orthopedics, pediatrics, wound care, radiology and occupational medicine. The award also covers complimentary tuition to the UCAOA National Convention, the industry’s largest, dedicated gathering of urgent care business and clinical professionals. This program is the only post-graduate training program for the discipline of urgent care medicine. A single contribution will impact care for years to come.

Eligibility/ Qualifications: Fellows are post-graduate medical doctors who elect to train for an additional year to advance their skills in urgent care medicine; Recipients must indicate an interest in providing care in the urgent care setting as a long-term career.

Selection: Fellowship selection is at the discretion of the Fellowship Director and his or her Committee. 

Contribution: $10,000 sponsors an urgent care fellow for the entire year of the program Available Scholarship Opportunities:  3+ (varies by year)

Sponsor Recognition: UCAOA and UCF website, UC Access announcement, convention signage and podium recognition, JUCM announcement and other media opportunities related to Urgent Care Fellowships.



Urgent Care Centers: Playing a More Coordinated Role in Major Disasters 

Jeffrey P. Collins, MD, MA
During the recent Boston Marathon bombings, Boston emergency departments worked in a coordinated and highly planned (and practiced) manner to treat all those who were transported to and presented at their doors. Local urgent care centers also treated many patients but with none of the planning, integration, and coordination of the aforementioned hospital-based emergency departments.

There are approximately 4,300 emergency departments in the United States but over 5,000 (to upwards of over 9,000 depending on how one defines them) urgent care sites in the U.S., yet despite their prevalence and community/geographic footprint little has been done to coordinate the care provided at these urgent care sites in times of major disasters. This is a lost opportunity for not only the federal government, but its many agencies including FEMA, the CDC, and the DHHS.

Potential topics for research, program development and collaboration might include:

  1. Analyzing the role urgent care centers can play in disasters or mass casualty events
  2. Creating a coordinated communication system for urgent care centers to learn of and transmit information about disaster management
  3. Develop tools for urgent care centers to work with local town, city and state agencies around disaster preparedness
  4. Define where urgent care centers might sit in the National Response Framework and NIMS/National Incident Management System
  5. Define where urgent care centers might sit in relation to local or regional ICS/Incident Command Systems and/or HICS/Hospital Incident Command Systems
  6. Examine current standards of care in urgent care settings around infection surveillance and control, quarantine and isolation practices and capabilities
  7. Study the role urgent care centers might play in vaccinations and vaccine prophylaxis programs
  8. Study the role urgent care centers and urgent care practitioners can play in field triage and treatment
  9. Study the role urgent care centers can play in HAZMAT events
  10. Understand potential urgent care roles with the National Strategic Stockpile contents and usage
  11. Understand potential urgent care roles in bioterrorism events, care of injured subjects, detection of intentional disease and the preservation of evidence
  12. Study and plan the integration of disaster medicine core curriculum competencies into urgent care fellowship training programs
  13. Potential role of urgent care centers in diagnosing and referring patients with mental health issues including post-traumatic stress syndrome, major depression, etc.
  14. Others


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